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For all Ages

Show Duration ca. 60 min 
(Preview Show 20 min)

Ukrainian Cast

Über die Show
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An Inspiring Show of Acrobatics, Dance and Physical Theater

It is a dream that everyone might have dreamed already: Suddenly the toys in the child's room are becoming alive. Behind the colorful world of phantasy, there is an inspiring story. Will the marionette LYALKA (Ukrainian for "puppet") be able to free herself from the strings? By the means of acrobatics, dance and physical theater the show is telling a story of visible and hidden talent. A story about growing beyond yourself.  

Growing beyond oneself - that is what the members of the cast had to do as well. Last year, all of them had to leave their hometown Kiev. Partly in Berlin, partly in Budapest, they have found safe spaces and opportunities to continue their training. This production is bringing some of the most talented young Ukrainian artists together again. 


"Lyalka" is being created within a cooperation with the Kiev Academy for Circus and Performing Arts. The show is directed by the choreographer Gulnara Savenko who had already brought charity shows on stage in Budapest, Prague and Monte-Carlo.